You Love Her Coz She's Dead STREAM 'Let Me Break'

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New Nobility

 New Nobility is an Aussie high-tech Pop band. We really dig their song “Paradise” and can hear it being used in several different ways - perhaps a commercial or in a film. It has some really great production value: a throbbing kick, cool claps and backing vocals, a super-catchy melody/hook and dare I say… ’80s-sounding Simmons electronic drums (toms) — love that! This song is a hit if you ask us! We’re proud to say New Nobility is one of the many great artists we work with at The SongHunters!

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Photoblog: LondonEdge 2014

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Debut video for Leeds based fuzz-junkies Allusondrugs

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Hello Soundsphere!

I wanted to share with you the latest video I directed for North Carolina’s own Maf Maddix. 
We’re rapidly accumulating views since we dropped the video and the positive feedback just keeps on coming. 

If you dig it and would like to feature it in your website please let me know if there is anything else you need from me or Maf. We would happily welcome it!

Maf Maddix is premiering new visuals for the song “Squaring the Circle”. This track is free to the public for download and the link will be in the video description. 

Directed by Camilo Perdomo
Special thanks to Cut Norris, Luse Kanz, Evan Mcintyre, Radio The Artist, Bryce Wyatt, Saúl Guinto Salinas and Mauricio Gonzalez.

Squaring The Circle
-The act of striving to meet a seemingly impossible goal without giving up-

"For centuries the concept of the “circle in the square” or “squaring the circle” has represented the perfect geometric relationship, yet one that has no resolved formula because it contains the “transcendental number” of pi — a number with no end. 

For the artist, “circle in the square” can symbolize the tension between concept and reality, the perfection that exists in the realm of the idea, but seems to disappear in manifestation. Like every human being, the artist journeys on, seeking the “circle in the square,” hoping to somehow capture the smallest glimpse of perfection. This possibility of perfection opens in live performance, as the artist and audience meet in the work.”

Maf Maddix 

Maf considers the entire east coast his hometown. Born in Brooklyn, New York but currently residing in North Carolina, he has made many stops, picking up experiences in various locations along the way. Maf Maddix began performing in 2003 and released his first full length album Tektite Illah: The Unknown Deluxe in November 2009. That same year he teamed up with long time collaborator, Luse Kanz, to form the electrifying group NDANGR Species. NDANGR soon released their first project, the Now-N-Lata Vicstape.  Maf soon followed this up with his 2nd album, Who Watches When Gods Sleep.  Currently, NDANGR species are working on a collaboration project with Paten Locke as well as a second effort of their own.  Meanwhile, Maf Maddix switched lanes, briefly, to prepare his first release on Deepblak recordings under the alias Brother Aten.  
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Debut video for politically charged track ‘19’ by NARCS. Taken from their debut album ‘Two Birds, One Stone Later’ which is available now

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Soundsphere magazine shortlisted in the Ticketmaster Blogger Awards

Yorkshire-based alternative music magazine, Soundsphere has been shortlisted within the Rock/Metal category in the latest Blogger Awards from Ticketmaster.

Editor, Dom Smith comments: “It’s a huge achievement, and to be put alongside blogs like Louderthanwar,, AltSounds and Thrash Hits!, is a huge deal for us. We’re really proud, and I’d like to take a moment to thank every person who has helped us get to this point. Again, cheers for your vote.”

You can vote for Soundsphere magazine to win in the Rock/Metal category by clicking the following link, or on the banner below: 

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Something Alternative: Think Ink – Taking good care of your tattoo

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Video: ††† (Crosses) – ‘Bi†ches Brew’

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